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Häromdagen så gjorde vi ett blogginlägg om Christian Bitz och hans nya porslin och bestick. Dessa kommer att lanseras senare i höst på Mio. Denna fredagen är han våran Friday Five som vi granskar lite mer i sömmarna. Christian är författare (8 böcker) och forskningschef vid Herlev och Gentofte sjukhus där han är involverad i forskning av mat till patienterna. Förutom det så är han ofta med i dansk tv då som programledare eller som expert. En man med många strängar på sin lyra helt enkelt 🙂

Vi passade på att ställa 5 snabba!

1. What music are you listening to when you want to be creative?
I like to listen to Indie and folk inspired music like Bon Iver, Bliss, Ane Brun, Angus & Julia Stone and José Gonzalez

2. Where comes your interior and design interest from?
From my girlfriend. She’s a designer and constant inspiration and support. Until recently, I’ve never designed anything as I’m cand.scient in human nutrition and my main function is to encourage the Danes to a healthier lifestyle through TV-programmes, books and lectures. A couple of years ago we (my girlfriend and I) got the idea that I could take even more responsibility for a healthy meal if we designed plates, cutlery and glases that would make the everyday meal a little more interesting. Now I’m totally hooked on design and enjoying this part of my business.

3. What design (furniture, art, architecture) you would wish that you had created?
The TV. Then I would have destroyed it before launching it…. TV watching and sedentary behaviour in general is in my opinion one of the leading causes to overweight and lifestyle diseseas. So even though I make TV I almost never watch TV… I prefer doing something more active and stimulating.

4. What is happening this weekend?
It’s going to be another great weekend!! We’ve our 2+2 kids (4 girls from 8-11 years) this week, so we’ll be enjoying a lot of cooking, laughing and relaxing. We also work out together – kind of cross fit for the whole family. And then our kind nabours have invited us for drinks and dinner. Sunday we’ve a secret project….

5. Do you have any projects going on right now?
I’m starting a new TV-programme on Tuesday which will keep me quite busy. And then I’m going on a tour with my new lecture called “Quality” ( which will take me around Denmark. I’m also looking forward to launch my brand in Sweden in Mio. Last, but not least, there is a lot of GREAT things happening in my private life (part of Sundays secret project..) that I’m so greatful about (and no, it’s not a baby coming!).

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