Friday Five – The NDC (National Design Collective)

Från och med nu så kommer vi att ha en kategori på bloggen som heter “Friday Five”. Där vi ställer 5 snabba frågor till intressanta och spännande personer. Det kan vara okända, kända kreatörer som brinner för de som de gör.

Först ut är kanadensiska Scott Bodaly som tillsammans med Heather Lam bildar theNDC (The National Design Collective). Vi kom i kontakt med dem båda när vi bestämde oss för att ta fram underläggen “Capital City” och “Stockholm” till shoppen De är fascinerade av hantverk och tillverkningsprocesser. Dessutom härliga människor!

Här kommer 5 snabba!

1. What music are you listening to when you want to be creative?

I like to have some background music on, but I don’t really pay attention to it when I am focusing on work. My partner Heather gets mad at me because I will leave one album on loop for a full day. Sorry!

2. Where comes your interior and design interest from?

My main design interest comes from exploring new and novel ways of using a material or a production process. I am really inspired by products where the material, manufacturing, and aesthetics all combine seamlessly, and the end product couldn’t have existed without all of those three considerations being executed in harmony.

3. What design (furniture, art, architecture) you would wish that you had created?

I think that the Splinter series by Nendo captures this perfectly. The way dowels are cut and bent, splitting and re-forming to create structure where it is needed both looks amazing, and is a beautiful outcome of it’s material and manufacturing technique.

4. What is happening this weekend?

Heather and I are actually getting married this weekend in our studio! We have been working hard on renovations/cleaning, and decorating the space. We are really looking forward to inviting friends and family into our studio (for most it will be the first time).

5. Do you have any projects going on right now?

Our internal projects have been put on a bit of a hiatus while we prepare for the wedding, but we are currently involved in a project called “Primary“. 7 design studios from Toronto created a collection of products loosely based around the dinner table and the experience of sharing meals. All of the products were designed to be produced in Toronto while remaining affordable. We are really happy with the collection, and we also won the top award of “Best In Festival” in the Toronto Design Offsite Festival. We also have a lot of ideas for new work coming up in this year, so stay tuned!

It’s a candle holder that is intended to show off it’s use, and most importantly, keep itself clean. A you use it with different candles, they will drip into the clear glass vessel and create different coloured layers, showing off it’s use. When it gets full, just submerge it in hot water and pour the wax out to empty.

2016_PRIMARY_Candleholder_insta 150124-Primary-Candlestick_GIF-1000px

theNDC friday five

kinda like it here
Underlägg “Kinda like it here” Capital city.

Foto: theNDC
/Jenny & Linda,


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