Intervju med duktiga italienska inredningsfotografen Davide Lovatti

Vi på Trendspanarna har varit förtjusta i italienska interiör och inredningsfotografen Davide Lovatti en längre tid. Vi gillar hans enkelhet och ljuset i bilderna. Hur ska man tänka när man fotograferar och finns det några trix att ta till. Nedan följer en intervju på engelska samt några inspirerande bilder som Davide har tagit för italienska Meridiani.

For those who do not know, please tell us a bit about yourself?
I’m a photographer based in Milano, I shoot mostly interiors for the best magazines (Elle Decoration UK, AD Germany, MArieClaire Maison Italy, RUm Denmark etc..); I do also catalogues for furniture companies. at the same time I take photos for my pleasure and sometimes these images grow into expositions.

How did you get into photography?
Photography is in my blood 🙂 I had some B/W photos that I have taken when I was a little child with a Kodak camera that was a gift form my father! From that moment I never stop taking photos but photography came something a little bit serious when I was 20! I spent a few years working as an assistant for different photographers here in Milano and then I opened 14 years ago my own studio.

Which is your favourite room to photograph and why?
I don’t have a favourite room, it depens on what is in front of my eyes, sometimes the kitchen, some times the bath room etc….

If there is such a thing as style in interior photography, how would you define your style then?
I am not sure to have a style but I try all the time to follow some rules that may be you could call a style:-) use only natural light, never turn on the lights, try to find the natural light coming only from one direction (it better from the side but it not bad also the back light..), never use lenses too wide, stay close to the floor and not so high…

What is your dream project looking like, and what is next in line for you?
I have one big dream: taking photos of artist’s studios and make a book of it! It trying to work on it!!

We want to thank Davide for taking his time to answer our questions. We really hope that your dream will come true 🙂 If you wish to contact him or see more about his work. You can contact him here.

Photo: Davide Lovatti för Meridiani.
/Jenny & Linda,