VIPP X MIKKELLER har tagit fram ett jubileumsöl

I år fyller det danska varumärket Vipp 80 år och teamar ihop sig med öltillverkaren Mikkeller. De har tagit fram en ” American pale ale” som ska passa i varma semestertider. Ölen serveras till alla gäster på Hotell Vipp (vilket även inkluderar Vipp Shelter, Vipp Loft eller Vipp Chimney House) och går att köpa i Mikkellers webshop.

“We celebrate our trash can with a beer can. We find It a fun and festive way to mark our anniversary, and Mikkeller is, in our opinion, among the most innovative breweries in the world. What’s not to like, cheers!” – Vipp CEO Kasper Egelund

Founder and CEO of Mikkeller, Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, says the following about the collaboration:

“Vipp is an iconic, Danish brand and we thought it would be a fun idea to help celebrate their anniversary with a special beer. We love that guests who stay at the Vipp Hotel will be able to enjoy great beer from a can that suits the rest of the design so well.”

Foto: Vipp
Jenny & Linda