Friday Five – Hans-Christian Bauer

Härligt med Fredag och det innebär förstås Friday Five. Idag har vi tagit en närmare titt på Hans-Christian Bauer som ursprungligen är från Norge men som numera är bosatt i Köpenhamn. Vi har fastnat för hans serie “Hammershøi ” för danska Kähler. En serie som har stått på vår önskelista länge. Det är Hans-Christian som ligger bakom idén om att göra några av seriens delar i trä och glas, och därmed introducera de första Kähler-produkterna utan keramik.

Hans-Christian har en magisterexamen i industriell design och arkitektur, från Kungliga Konsthögskolan , Arkitekthögskolan , Köpenhamn (2010). Sedan sin examen, har han fått erfarenhet som industridesigner och produktutvecklare för Kähler, och tradition, Meny, Harrit Sørensen, Norm Architects och Mencke & Vagnby.

Vi passade på att ställa 5 snabba 🙂 

1. What music are you listening to when you want to be creative?
I have a very broad palet of music that inspires me. Recently I’ve been listening a lot to Rap/RnB, especially Drakes new album, but for concentration I often turn to older artists, like Depeche Mode, Daft Punk or Kent.2. Where comes your interior and design interest from?
I’ve always been fascinated by nice shapes, well crafted products and different types of special purpose products. That led me to pursue architecture, but I soon found out I had a bigger talent and passion in Product design.

3. What design (furniture, art, architecture) you would wish that you had created?
I’m a big fan of Henning Koppel, famous for his many designs for Georg Jensen, and especially the water pitcher, inspired by his pregnant wife is a fantastic piece of art, that is both useful and Beautiful.

4. What is happening this weekend?
I’m going to a big design party, related to the Nortmodern fair, which I of course also will visit. And working hard on our new house, remodeling it before moving in at the end of the month.

5. Do you have any projects going on right now?
I recently launched 20 new products in my Hammershøi line for Kähler, including new vases, candleholders, smaller grinders and a nice plaque which is suitable for a lot of purposes. I’m also working on some new furniture projects, and projects for Kähler, but can’t disclose an of that until it is launched.  But follow my facebook page or Instagram hc_bauer to see more!

Hans-Christian Bauer (1)
Hammershøi_grinder_High resolution JPG_296892 Hammershøi_plaque_Closeup_High resolution JPG_296891 Hammershøi_plaque_white_cake_High resolution JPG_296893 Hammershøi_plate_High resolution JPG_296888 Hammershøi_vases_mini_vases_High resolution JPG_296890
Hammershøi_tealights_High resolution JPG_296194
Hammershøi_vase_plum_closeup_2_High resolution JPG_296192
Foto: Kähler.